Portland Pet Food Company

We founded Portland Pet Food Company out of the need to care for our pets the same way we care for ourselves. After spending over 20 years as a health communications consultant, founder Katie McCarron turned her nutritional eye to Rosie, her aging, standard poodle's diet. Unsure of what to feed finicky Rosie, who no longer enjoyed canned food and had begun to lose weight, the amount of unnatural supplements in basic dog food shocked Katie. She began to cook Rosie’s meals at home, always focusing on locally sourced, natural ingredients. Rosie regained the weight she had lost and Katie expanded on her meals and dog biscuits. Portland Pet Food Company was born!

Portland Pet Food Company believes you should feed your dog like you feed yourself. We worked with the Oregon Food Innovation Program to develop our sustainable, local, AAFCO regulated line of products. We also partner with Pacific Northwest companies to ensure that 100% of your dog’s food is sourced and made in the United States. We hand-roll and cut our dog biscuits and cook all meals from scratch. 

Over the last two years, our delicious line of dog treats has expanded from biscuits to shelf-stable meal toppers. The first of their kind, these convenient shelf-stable pouch meals work as dry food toppers, soft treats and smaller and senior dogs may enjoy them all on their own! Their lightweight and easy portability make them perfect for camping, backpacking or adventuring with your pup!