Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Treat Tumbl - Small


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It’s fun. It feeds. It’s a challenge your dog needs! Nina Ottosson Treat Puzzle Games fight boredom, help reduce destructive behaviors & exercise your dog’s mind. It’s hide & seek with treats, and dogs love it.

  • TREAT FEEDING FUN: The Nina Ottosson Small Treat Tumble is perfect for treating and training your pup. Just fill this treat dispensing ball with your dog’s favorite treats or kibble and give the ball to your dog to watch them play with the puzzle.
  • EXERCISE MIND AND BODY: Nina Ottosson dog games and dog puzzles challenge your dog’s problem solving skills and enhance your dog’s mental stimulation through play.
  • PLAY INDOORS AND OUT: The Small Treat Tumble by Nina Ottosson is a dog game that is as fun indoors as it is out! Strong construction and wipeable surfaces make this Nina Ottosson dog game ideal for indoor and outdoor playtime.
  • LEVEL 1 CHALLENGE: Level 1 dog games are perfect for introducing your dog to dog games and puzzles. This Level 1 Small Treat Tumble works as a way to perk your pup’s interest in puzzles and prepare them for more the more challenging games to come.
  • LEARN TOGETHER: Dogs don’t just like to play, they like to play with us. Treat feeding games and dog puzzles strengthen the bond between you and your dog because they require your attention and theirs!
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