Ruffwear Huckama Rubber Throw Toy

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The Huckama moves like a critter and is fun to chase. This durable, interactive toy keeps dogs engaged with its erratic bounce and roll. The hollow design accepts food for treat rewards and whistles when hurled through the air. Made from sustainable, natural latex rubber, a renewable resource.

  • SHARE MORE FUN: The Huckama's unique shape is fun to throw and bounces erratically, creating a more engaging experience for you and your dog.
  • AN EXTRA TREAT: The Huckama is designed to hold kibble or small treats, creating a fully interactive and rewarding experience for your dog.
  • BUILT TO LAST: The durable, chew-resistant construction will stand up to the most eager pups. The textured surface massages their gums as they chew, promoting clean and healthy teeth.
  • ENGAGE THE SENSES: This brightly colored toy is easy to spot and whistles when it's thrown, making it easy for your dog to track and retrieve.
  • SUSTAINABLE: The Huckama is made from natural latex rubber, which is a renewable, sustainable resource. Help protect nature for you and your pup.
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