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A required feeding supplement, Cluckin’ Good Poultry Grit is necessary for the healthy development of a chicken’s gizzard. The gizzard aids in digestion, and allows for a maximum nutrient benefit from whole grain feeds. Made up of insoluble crushed quartzite or granite, grit remains in the bird’s gizzard to help with digestion. Grit is an essential part of your bird’s diet and should always be provided, especially if there is no access to small rocks.

Practicing Flock Management Best Practices will give your flock the best chance for a long and healthy, happy life. During Stage One we recommend Cluckin’ Good Chick Grit through eight weeks of age before transitioning your flock to Naturally Free Organic Grower Feed for Chickens and Ducks and Cluckin’ Good Grower Grit. And, for all stages, consider adding Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs.

Feed to developing pullets and full-grown hens and roosters at approximately 20 weeks of age.

Feed to Broilers after 4 weeks of age.

We suggest offering Layer Grit either free choice in a separate dish or tossing on the ground in their coop area to encourage natural scratching behavior. The birds will self-regulate and take what they need.

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