About Urban Dogg Broomfield

Since childhood, Myra has had a passion for animals with a dream of becoming a vet. This love continued into adulthood, leading Myra to adopt her very own pup. She then became involved in dog sports, such as nose working and sheep herding. Soon her dog developed digestive issues, and Myra furthered her knowledge in holistic nutrition and care.
After working on environmental policy issues, Myra decided it was time for a career change. Thus, she followed her long-time passion to work with animals and created Urban Dogg.
Urban Dogg was established in 2014 with the mission to bring natural and holistic food options for your dog and cats, to educate and support pet owners, and to support fellow Colorado businesses. Over the years, we have prided ourselves in serving the community with the best nutrition options, dog grooming services, and clean, safe self-serve dog wash.
We genuinely care about the wellbeing of you and your pets and will continue to strive each and every day to bring the latest in animal nutrition and care.
Thank you for your continued support of our growing pack!
Owner, Myra, and her pups